51163 Marchande d'amour Jade Capsai

1 heure 2 heures nuit entière
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Âge: 39 Taille: 163 Poids: 59
Bonnet: 5 Européen Blondes
Escort-Lady for true Gentlemen Romantic and playful or sweet and coquettish - Jade will surprise you with her mutability and convince you with her sensual nature! She is always positive and always wears a smile on her lips - the most beautiful accessory a woman can have! Your good mood is contagious - see for yourself on a date with Jade! Dine with her, enjoy her company and look forward to the hours after dinner... With her cuddly nature, Jade is not only perfect for extended cuddle sex or hours of conversation in the hotel bed, she can also be the sensual seduction with which she can experience true ecstasy. Only you and Jade, naked skin on naked skin, you smell your scent, feel her hair, listen to her voice - a man's dream becomes reality!

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